Gutters are an essential part of the exterior of your home. Not only can gutters enhance the look of your home, but they play a huge factor in properly diverting the volume of water shedding off your roof. Quality gutters can even protect your foundation and eaves from water damage. 

​​Armour Construction has the experts who can execute a professional installation and efficiently complete any job. Our manufacturer certified installation teams have been providing exceptional gutter services for decades. Whether you need a new gutter installation or repairs, we can handle the job.

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Gutter installation services

At Armour Construction we offer a complete range for soffit, fascia and gutters.

When gutters are properly installed, they can last for decades. However, as they age, your roof and your home can become vulnerable to damage. Aged gutters can also detract from curb appeal. In general, it is wise to replace gutters that are rusting, sagging or coording away from the fascia. 

Fascia is the vertical finishing edge that covers the rafters of your home, extending beneath the roof line. In addition to creating a polished look, the fascia supports your roof and its gutters. If you need to replace or repair the fascias on your home, Armour Construction can successfully complete the job.

Soffits are roofing features that cover the roof overhang, from the edge of a home’s exterior wall to the edge of the roof line. Like fascias, soffits serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. While they enhance the overall look and appeal of your home, they are also essential for keeping out pests, weather and debris.


For all of our seamless gutter products, we trust Service Partners. Service Partners is a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of seamless rain gutter products. At Armour Construction, we use their brand of coil for all of the seamless gutters we install.

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Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home if it remains ignored. At Armour Construction, we use Shur Flo for preventative maintenance. Shur Flo is a trusted brand that provides gutter guards to homes and businesses. These guards protect your gutters from getting filled with leaves, pine needs or other outside debris. When you get gutter guards installed by Armour Construction, you avoid the timely hassle of getting on a ladder and cleaning them out yourself or any costly repairs in the future. 

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Since our company began, Armour Construction has been dedicated to providing the best in service, quality, and workmanship. In Northwest Indiana, you can trust Armour Construction to get the job done and done right the first time. Give us a call at (219) 987-2023 to learn more, or complete our free quote form today.