James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

James Hardie fiber cement siding gives your home a host of unique benefits you will not find in any other siding products. For 35 years, James Hardie has delivered superior durability, customizable designs, and colors that last. Whatever the style of your home or whatever design you are drawn towards, James Hardie fiber cement has the product that will bring maximum protection while making your home stand out.

Superior Durability

In Northwest Indiana, siding is exposed to the elements at all times, so James Hardie has engineered its products to stand up to weather, water, time, fire, and pests local to our area. After studying the long-term effects of different climates, James Hardie developed the HardieZone® system to ensure that customers get the right protection for their home. Other siding manufacturers mass produce their product to be used in any climate. James Hardie products in Northwest Indiana, are engineered specifically to withstand the wet, freezing temperatures and prevent mold, shrinking, swelling, and cracking which will occur with wood based products. James Hardie tests their products against worst case scenarios, such as extreme sustained high winds, UV rays, and lake effect snowstorms. Fiber cement siding is non-combustible so it can be a part of a Class-A fire rating. This can often lead to a discount on your homeowners insurance as well. All James Hardie siding products are hail-damage resistant covered by our industry leading 30 year, non-prorated warranty. All of this leaves no doubt, James Hardie siding is the best option to protect your home.

Custom Design

James Hardie offers an array of colors to suit any customer’s design desires. James Hardie can prefinish their product using state of the art ColorPlus® Technology. Baked-on ColorPlus® Technology means the siding will have greater resistance to fading, chipping, and cracking, which translates to less maintenance for the homeowner unlike wood based siding which can require paint jobs every 3-5 years. In fact, when installed properly, fiber cement siding can protect your home for up to 100 years.

Safety and Warranties

James Hardie fiber cement siding is engineered to be resistant to mold, rot, insects, and even fire. While wood burns and vinyl melts, cement fiber does neither. In fact, James Hardie siding can be a part of a Class A fire rating because fiber cement can deter flames. James Hardie Lap and Panel siding products come with a 30-year, non-prorated warranty, and trim products come with a 15-year, non-prorated warranty. Each of these covers up to 200% of your investment to be used towards increase in product costs and labor.

When you trust Armour Construction to install your James Hardie fiber cement siding, you get the expert knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Your James Hardie siding will stand up to the worst of Northwest Indiana’s weather, including heavy lake-effect snow and the high heat and humidity of summer. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your siding will maintain dimensional stability and resist damage from the elements.

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